A Forest Full of Dreams



“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”

As a little girl I remember watching the classic Secret Garden and imagining my room magical transformed into this wonderous garden filled with florals, butterflies, and greens.

For a 1993 Film, it was presented beautifully…I remember watching the colors come to life, the sun twinkling through the specs of greens and seeing the young Mary frolic around the garden forgetting all the terrible things she had gone through.

In a way, I can both relate and imagine as to why a young lady turn 15 might choose this their theme. A Quinceanera is a very momentous moment is a young girl’s life. It’s the moment that society embraces her no longer as a girl but as a young woman, and with that all the responsibilities and cares of one as well. In the film a young Mary has gone through a handful of things already if her young life and is being forced to grownup and accepts these things rather quickly, but the garden allows her to escape that reality and be in a fantasy bliss.

Over the years we’ve done and re-created the Secret Garden theme quite a few times, with each time being more elaborate and unique than the last. For this beautiful young lady’s quinces – Jenny had opted for a more purple/lavender feel. Complete with over 300 Roses, 200 Hydrangeas, and a lot of butterflies and a beautiful stage to meet we were able to bring the Garden to her reception at The Reception Palace.

Tables held beautiful sized arrangements tall atop of Gold Candelabras. Chiavari Chairs had Purple Sashes to detail them and a beautifully classic Gold Throne Chair sat at the center of the room with a Gold and Purple Backdrop behind it completely the Royal Table setting.

Jenny stunned as she walked in with butterflies and flowers draped on her dress.

We hope that her 15’ yrs. were as magical as her theme.


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A Forest Full of Dreams

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