A H&M Wedding


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Think of a wedding. Now, think of tones and colors you’d normally see at a wedding.
Perhaps Gold or Silver? Definitely White …. maybe event a hint of blush or even blush?

One thing is certain though – When one is looking up wedding colors, they tend to lean towards more neutral tones. Champagnes, Gold’s, White, and sometime subtle hints of blush or other colors are usually the choice of color for brides. It’s easy to match and combine and also there seems to be endless choices….But every once in a while we get a bride or two that will come in with a burst of color and will want something bold.

And of course – Nothing screams BOLD like Red. 

When I met this bride I remember her telling me colors and me stopping short almost when she mentioned RED as one of the colors. When I asked her what led her to choosing such a bold and she said she drew her inspiration from the most unlikely place – H&M Retail Store. 

Why? You may ask? Simple, the initials said so! 

With the base of Red and White being in the wedding we decided to add that wedding glow by incorporating tones of gold for the lighting and such. But it goes to show – that you can draw up inspiration from just about anywhere if you look hard enough and think out of the box. 

And when it comes to colors NOTHING is considered too bold.


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A H&M Wedding

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