A Table Suited for Royalty


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You’re working on a floor plan for your event and all you’re seeing is a collage of circles. You’re also trying to see how to fit your direct family and close friends as close as possible to you to show them that they are important to you. This is where royal tables come in handy.  These specialty tables can be adjusted to fit as many guests as you would like, simply by adding or removing a table. What I love about royal tables is that they automatically stand out & can be easily placed around the dance floor. These tables use a rather different centerpiece than round tables usually have. The majority of the centerpieces are known as runners which start at one end of the table and go all the way to the other end. They could be full with florals and greenery or they could be broken up and have floating candles in between the breaks! As you will see in the photos, its honestly super beautiful. Some clients event prefer to have the arrangements on what we call a bridge, which is basically a runner up in the air rather than down the table. As a guest sitting at a royal table really makes you feel special and appreciated. Not only are the table decorations on a whole other level of beauty but other than that you basically have a spot light for your loved ones that have helped you along the way. (:


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A Table Suited for Royalty

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