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A Venetian Masquerade



I’ll never forget the first day my client Evelyn walked in to the office for the first time.

She came in with the most up-beat attitude and down-right contagious happiness.

I remember that she told me that her and her daughter wanted to basically bring Venice to Miami but didn’t have the slightest idea … except for a video they had found of an event done by the incredible Karen Tran.

Dripping Tulips, Dresses made of HUNDREDS of Florals and Centerpieces the size of the table (and then some). It was easily one of the most incredible inspirational pieces I had seen till that moment. The real question was – How are we going to re-create Venice… When we live in the Sunny Tropics of Miami?


First thing first was Venue. We needed a Venue that not only could hold the guest count but also be flexible enough that we could transform it as needed to fit the theme.

I ended up recommending one of preferred Venues – The Miami Airport Hilton which she gladly went to visit and ending up signing.


From there started the 8-9month long process of countless hours, Samples, videos, photos and more all leading up to the big day.


The day of I couldn’t believe what I had in front of me.

After months and months of planning, it was done.
And Chelsey looked every bit as beautiful and ready for her big day as the rest of us. 

Upon our Aileen Candelabras we had beautiful Arrangements that included an array of colors from Peaches and Pinks to Greens and Lavenders, complete with Hanging Strands of Amaranthus.


We also decided to mix things up a little and created Two Very Long Royal tables where the adults sat at. With and even 46 at each royal table, they stood out with their long-style runners complete with accents of Tulips and Taper Candles. The details of our Champagne Nora Linens with the combination of Glass Rimmed charger was the perfect accent to bring out the elegance of the event style.

The Stage itself had also been transformed.

Our “Beauty and The Beast” stage had been re imagined to a Venetian Ball backdrop complete with Gold Statues, Florals and Chandeliers. Outside guests were welcomed with a life-size bridge and 10ft. Seating Chart fit for a Queen.

In the end the event was more than I could’ve asked for. And from the Quinceanera and mom herself – their expectations were more than met.

I even had the honor of becoming one of the 15 Candles in her ceremony.

The best part? Dad was so excited and pleased that his exact words were – “I cannot wait to plan or next daughters’ event”

Well Evelyn, neither can I. I cannot wait to see what beautiful magic we can create once more. Thank you for letting me do what I love most and showing me such love and kindness throughout it all. 


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A Venetian Masquerade

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