All You Need Is Love!



The Beatles never stopped being iconic, their music & style continue inspiring us today! We have produced a few Beatles themed parties in the past & this one really hit it out of the park! We custom made all of the pops involved with this event in our very own warehouse, ordered the backdrop for the stage and wrap for the dance floor from one of our preferred vendors, Our florist made the FLOWER POWER centerpieces & our team played with the lighting to see what colors would give us the best outcome of the decor we provided. What a lot of people don’t realize is that we will never fail to provide up lighting for any of our props. We understand that you are including us in your decor budget and we want to make sure you get the most out of it, so not only are we providing custom made props & decor, but we are making sure that we also deliver an ambiance along with our decor. We want the guests eyes to immediately go towards the details of the events that make it whole. Which is exactly what we did with this event.  This event would be a perfect example of Quality over Quantity, we didn’t need to over provide to make sure this event delivered the theme.  We made sure that our products hit all the right spots that scream Beatles!

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All You Need Is Love!

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