Alors, tu me retrouveras à Paris?



Gitchie, gitchie, ya-ya, da-da. 
It’s been 10 years since the fabulous Christina Aguilera alongside Pink, Lil’Kim and Mya release their famous song “Lady Marmalade” but the hype hasn’t certainly has not died done. 
This past summer, we had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful young lady and her mom Yane who were looking to create a Parisian Night but without doing the same thing everyone else had done. After looking at ideas and throwing around suggestions it dawned on us that the color scheme, they were looking at was perfect for one very particular part of Paris. 

The Famous Moulin Rouge show. 
Known for the large Red Windmill that sits outside, inside behind a red theater curtain a world of dance, burlesque and showtime awaits. From the creative scenic backdrops and spectacular performances, you can find at the Moulin Rouge, there was endless possibilities and ideas that offered itself when it came down to the process of planning, detailing and figuring out how to make a location into a theme.

We started off with the stage (of course!) being that it would be the center of everything.

We decided to recreate that theatrical feeling to whereas the guests would be the audience at the show and the Quinceanera would be the opening act. With a few red theater-like curtains, some beautiful one of a kind filigree pieces, a real-working Windmill complete with a spin effect and a 12ft. Eiffel Tower with Twinkling Lights

Around the room guests were immersed in white satin drapes, red up-lighting, and patterned lights on the walls alongside the Quinceanera’s name.

The tables were adorned with Black Feathered Arrangements in combination with Gold Candelabras that held White Tapered Candles with rose arrangements/greenery arrangements.

On some of the other tables we had our Gold Manzanita Tree’s with hanging crystal orbs that help LED Candles and arrangements at the base. The tables had black satin linens and were completed with a Gold Overlay atop. Gold Chargers filled in the spaces at the table and were completed with a napkin bow and rhinestone piece.

At the entrance guests were welcomed into the city with a red-carpet runner and standing portraits of the many beautiful sights in Paris. At the center stood a mini-version of the Eiffel tower surrounded by delicacies and appetizers to fill.

With a spectacular dance piece, a dramatic costume change and a show-stopping entrance the night was definitely one for both the audience and family to remember.

Thank you Yane and your beautiful daughter for allowing us to participate in such an important event in your lives. We hope to rendezvous soon, maybe in Paris even?


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Alors, tu me retrouveras à Paris?

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