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Are Custom Dance Floors becoming a must?


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For the last few years one thing is for certain, themed events are all the rave now. From customizing backgrounds, to choosing the flowers even down to the flowers everyone want some uniqueness to their party. I always tell my clients there is no limit to what we can custom make for your party. We like to always take in consideration budget and some items you get a lot of bang for your buck. The custom dance floor is not cheap when comparing it to other aspects but boy is it an impact and lets face it the majority of the party will happen here. So in all the photos and video it will be seen.

There are different styles of dance floor.

Ballroom/Hotel Included Dance Floor

Rented Dance Floor

Wrapped Dance Floor

Ballroom/Hotel Dance Floor – For beginners lets begin with the fact that most places if not all include a dance floor. Granted if its an event space chances are they include it. This use to be fine and quite frankly they aren’t bad. Some are in 3ft/4ft squared tiles and you get to choose the size you would like and make your dance floor. This is great and you are already paying for it.

Custom Dance floor -Wrapped,Wood,linoleum led, starlight_0012_Layer 1
Wood Dance Floor provided @ The Hilton Miami Airport

Rented– This where it starts getting more complicated. I’ll begin with saying the ballroom dance floor if a company is to rent it, it won’t be cheap. So consider there is unspoken value there. Rental companies can offer different materials usually different prices. For the sake of this conversation lets say there are two types within this category. Regular- Wood, linoleum, and other materials. The other was very popular a few years ago and still gets asked for which is LED dance floors. In the beginning these were bulky and would be a mini platform elevated but as of late these got thinner than the wood ones the hotel would offer.

Wrapped Dance Floor – The most asked for and in my opinion the nicest is the wrapped dance floor. The wrapped dance floor is when you get option 1 (ballroom/Hotel dance floor) and you wrap it with a vinyl. This transform and personalizes the floor to be a one of a kind unique piece. This really brings the theme or clean look to any ballroom.

******WARNING****** Not all vinyl materials are the same and some can damage the floor of the said ballroom, costing those involved including the client lots of money. Those dance floors can be upwards of $30,000 and trust me this can be overlooked for a better price and the repercussions will be an event you will never forget for all the wrong reasons.

Whether its important for you or not I think every year this trend will grow more and more and who know what material we will be dancing on in 20 years!

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Are Custom Dance Floors becoming a must?

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