Can’t Keep Calm – I’m Planning a Wedding in The Middle of a Pandemic


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Not sure why there isn’t one already, but you know that “I can’t keep calm I’m getting married” meme? Well, the more appropriate mood right now is more like “I can’t keep calm I’m planning during a pandemic.” We really wish we had more answers and resolve for our clients with weddings that are up and coming in the next few weeks and months, but unfortunately, every day the status of both the United States and abroad is changing and the uncertainty we’re living in is just absolutely awful. That’s why we figured instead of giving brides a blueprint of “how to proceed with a 2020 wedding” which in all honesty… we wish we had OURSELVES in this current situation (Sometimes things are so crazy and up in the air that making predictions can end up proving misleading), we’d talk more about ways we can try to figure things out and help support you at this time.

As much as people have been saying “your grandparents were called to war, you were called to sit on the couch, do your part,” having a wedding that you’ve been planning for weeks, months, years, even, fall victim to corona just flat out sucks. We’re so sorry. We completely understand and if we can be of any help, please let us know – we’re checking our DMs, we’re reading your comments on everything that goes up on the Gram and elsewhere – we’re the biggest ‘all in this together’ believers. Putting that into the universe and just hoping for the best!

Now of course, we are the first to admit – we cannot possibly imagine what our clients are going through on their end. If we are feeling the stress of trying to reschedule and find the right date our clients must be going through that and a hell-of-a-lot more. Planning like a boss for months, finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel only to have it crumble in and now be pushed back for the foreseeable future (and then some).

But as we had mentioned in a previous post – that’s not the worst thing in the world. 

Yes, I know it seems like it, but this is the perfect time to do all those little tedious annoying things that you’d been putting off either because of work or the new episode of The Bachelor. Write out that guest lists and start putting together that seating chart you’ve been dreading. Sit down with your fiancé and figure out the songs you were looking to dance to together and with your family members. If you haven’t decided or made a final decision on the décor, look back at your meetings with your décor company and/or planner and figure those details out. Plan the florals and narrow down the bridesmaids/groomsmen details. Make sure that your budget still falls within the reigns of what you had originally were going for. Look at both you and your future spouses’ current situation and plan accordingly. 

Trust us when we say – your vendors, your venue and everyone else would’ve LOVED for your date to have remain YOUR DATE. That being said, your vendors need your cooperation and our support just as much during this time as well. Many venues are happy to move your wedding date to one later this year, if they have it available, and vendors will often try to operate the same way (so, if they’re free on a date of your choosing, payments can just be applied to the new date & time). It’s very important to remember that wedding pros, event talent, and tastemakers make a living making your event perfect, so you’ll have to understand that their business is in jeopardy right now, too, and you’ll need to be cognizant of contractual clauses, etc. Keeping communication lines open and clear is the premiere priority. 

Once you’ve done most of those things the next most important part is making sure that the date you’ve picked (or want to pick) works for YOU. Always trust yourself and trust your fiancé. In these times we won’t know exactly what this week, next month or even 3 months down the road can bring. When it comes to your wedding, think about your family – the ones who will be showing up for you on the special day and the one that you’ll be creating, officially, with your person. A lot right now is uncharted territory, but daily updates like travel bans, curfews, limitations on group gatherings, etc. can make pushing back your date or dramatically altering your original plan a little more tolerable – it’s hard I know. But imagine how it must be feeling for all the others that are now having to rearrange your event and the other 20+ as well. 

All in all, we know this is an incredibly stressful and straining time. 

But keep yourself in a light-hearted state of mind. Trust your family, your loved ones, and your vendors. They’re there for you and are wanting to help this get accomplished just as much as you do. 

And if you are reading this and you’re a fantasy designers client know that we are here for any questions or concerns you might be having. 

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Can’t Keep Calm – I’m Planning a Wedding in The Middle of a Pandemic

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