Does Blue Say I Do?


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Does Blue Say I Do?

Pink, Blush, Fuchsia, Magenta, Cerise …. Those are just some of the different types of Pink there is.  It’s not surprises that when there’s an array on tones for all the colors of the rainbows, it can be quite hard to narrow a color palette for your own wedding. How can one choose from 20 different blues, and the surprising number of whites there is?

Are the colors okay for a wedding? Or are they perhaps too festive or too loud? Knowing how to pick your wedding colors is sometimes easier said than done, but it’s an important step in your planning process. In addition to being an extension of your personal styles as a couple, a carefully chosen color palette can make all the difference when creating a cohesive wedding aesthetic. It’s a good idea to start thinking about your wedding color palette shortly after you’ve set a date and chosen a venue, but how should you begin?

By considering your basic wedding details, such as season, location, and theme, you can start to narrow down the colors that will play into the look you want. Once you’ve decided on your colors, all of the other decorative details will fall into place, from flowers and stationery, to wedding party attire, table linens, and more.

The three helpful tips are –

Choosing a Base Color – Your base color will be the one that’s used most prominently throughout your wedding, and you can’t build your full color palette without it.

Think About Your Wedding Season – While there’s nothing written in stone that mandates your wedding colors match up with your wedding season, we can’t argue that some colors lend themselves naturally to certain times of the year.

Consider Your Venue – Next, visualize your venue and its surroundings. Are you getting married in an open concept area with empty white walls, or an ornate ballroom featuring patterned wallpaper and glamorous gold accents? The existing (or non-existent) details of your venue should influence your color palette. “Blank slate” venues, such as tented receptions, barns, outdoor areas, and other neutral spaces will make it easier to pick your wedding colors from scratch, since you won’t have to worry about clashing with existing decor.


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Does Blue Say I Do?

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