Down The Rabbit Hole We Go ….



                                                                                 Curiouser and curiouser! 

Follow us down the rabbit hole for this next event, our Alice In Wonderland Gala for The Young Patronesses of The Opera back in November.

Over the past couple years, we’ve come to notice that Gala Chairs and members have been embracing the art of “over-the-top” and with this particular event it was no different.

Upon first meeting our clients we knew immediately we were going to go in Wonderland and the depths of its kookiness and colorfulness but kept to a degree of elegance as well-being that it was a charity fundraiser after all.  

With every new thought and concept that was created we always asked the question was “How would Alice look at it/see it”?

On the evening of November 3rd, 2018, guests were greeted as they arrived upon a green grass path that ended with 2 oversized flowers. But as guests weren’t expecting —  these weren’t just ordinary flowers, with grace and swiftness they came to life and guests could pose and take photos with them. As the continued down the rabbit hole, guests entered the Queens kingdom only to find themselves face to face with the majesty herself, who may we add, was NOT pleased to see many other colors besides red.

As cocktails were served and drinks passed around a eerie smoke arose from the doors and guests were welcomed to a forest of wild flowers, colored linens and oversized props and thrones. Complete with a Mad Hatter to help the tea party get  the evening started!

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Down The Rabbit Hole We Go ….

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