Eiffel in love with this city



Who would have thought that the Eiffel Tower being built would have had the effect it had in the world. Since that day, Paris has been an iconic city to visit and the Eiffel Tower is an iconic landmark. Everything about France is beautiful (especially the food!) and that is why I can say Eiffel in love with this city! (Pun intended) I’m pretty sure that’s the same reason why so many people around us dream about visiting or have already visited Paris. I mean look at all of the fashion and luxury accessories that have came from France! In this particular event we were aiming to show the side of Paris that is all Luxurious. Everything crystal & mirror! This Quinces was celebrated in the Colonnade Coral Gables & is considered our most iconic Paris themed event we have hosted. The cake has its own Gazebo & dry ice effect! How amazing is that?! If you have never been to this venue then you wouldn’t know that the ballroom area is actually in the shape of a circle, which at times it could get a little tricky when creating a floor plan (I forgot to mention they also have a gorgeous fountain in the middle of the ballroom.) So this is where we come in, in trying to design the event to make sure you get the most out of the space and have a flow throughout the room. This event had everything from an 18ft Eiffel Tower, two royal tables, guest tables, a cake with its own gazebo, stunning centerpieces, uplighting, draping… I can go on & on but I’d rather you take a look yourself!


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Eiffel in love with this city

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