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During the planning process, you might be so worried about all of the decor inside the ballroom that you might forget about the entrance or might not think that it’s important. Well let me tell you that the entrance is the beginning of it all! Its what gives your guests the first glimpse of what they should be expecting inside. While they are enjoying the cocktail hour they could start taking pictures of your entrance and creating a very exciting vibe! Entrances are amazing photo opportunities and also allow to section off your event. Providing draping at the very entrance of your cocktail hour helps any wandering guests get the point that this is a private event. As I have stated in previous posts, an event should be more of an experience rather than just something you are attending on a weekend. If you have ever visited any of the Disney World/Disneyland Parks then you can recall that all of the queues are decorated according to the ride. Not only is this an entertaining way of waiting but it gets you super excited for the ride. If you are unsure of what you would like to do for an entrance feel free to ask us! We have plenty of ideas that would take your event to the next scale!


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First Impressions

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