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Here at Fantasy Designers we often get the statement “Well we don’t want it to look like a wedding” There’s usually discussions between the clients both amongst themselves and in exchange that it’s just a celebration for their daughter turning 15 and not “The biggest day of their lives.

Truthfully though, it is. It is very much a big day in their lives, and sometimes it’s equally as important to the moms as well. So, in a way it’s almost impossible to NOT DO to treat it like if it were a mini wedding. You have a cocktail hour, sometimes a ceremony, a reception, the guests, the dances and etc.etc etc.

Bringing the next topic of this blog present –

How important are the florals at your Quinceanera event?

Your quinceanera flowers should hold a special place in your heart. When brides talk about the florals, they want them to convey a message, either of love, or romance, or elegance amongst other things. In comparison, your florals should make you feel like you’re seeing the overall look of what YOU wanted present. They should make you smile from the moment your walk-in ion your first look to a week later when their sitting on abuela’s mantle. They should make you smile when you think of them on your wedding day and then when you’re planning your own daughter’s quinces.

The florals are incredibly important because besides the first impression they leave on you and your family, it’s usually the 1st impression the guests receive once they walk in.

Stages are still a relatively “new” thing that has been happening at quinces, but florals have been truthful and solid since the first quinces that ever probably happened. Guests usually flock to the tables and like to take in all the details from the silkiest rose petal to the uniqueness of the orchids. Being that it’s such a focal point it’s something that deserves your attention.

So, here are a few helpful tips for you when it comes to deciding what floral arrangements you might want.

Helpful Hints:

  • Have fun with the florals! Don’t be afraid to mix them up and add a few styles, sizes, and types.
  • Make sure the colors compliment the linens and other aspects of your table. If you linens are a strong magenta tone you might want to refrain from doing florals equally as powerful.
  • Communicate. Be vocal with your florist of what you DO and DON’T want. Ask for a floral sample, it’s always best to see the florals beforehand and the entire table setup to make sure it’s what you envisioned.
  • NEVER match the florals to your florals. You should be the star of the show.
  • Make sure if theres a specific floral that you like to check if it’s in season with your florist. Some florals are not available all-year round so you’ll want to make sure that it is.
  • Keep in mind – your guest WILL take the florals.
  • Make sure if you have a theme in mind that the floral idea you have goes well with it. It’s not completely out of the normal to match a theme to the florals instead of the other way around.

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Flower Power!

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