Life is The Bubbles!



A wise crustacean once said “Life is Better Down Where It’s Wetter”  

We wonder if maybe they were referring to events in that could take place in the City of Atlantis as well. Maybe they had it right all along?  

Either way we couldn’t help but pull some reference photos of what we can only imagine the wondrous lost city may look like and try to recreate a table set-up that would be perfect in its setting. 

Using seas of Blues and variations of greens as well we decided to create two table schemes. 

The first table we decided to a round common 72’ inch table dressed in an Aqua Fortuny Linen underneath, on the top we paired it with a Gold Netted Overlay (one of the more subtle marine time hints). 

For the chargers we decided to use our Aqua Sea Chargers but the option of using Reef Chargers was considered. Both deliver such a perfect last detail to the table and could help keep the oceanic feel throughout. The arrangements were simple – White and Clean. 

We decided to leave the colors to the rest. For chairs and accents we could have gone both with either Gold or Silver, but upon seeing the photo references we decided Gold was the better choice.

For the second table setting we decided to recreate what a Royal Table might have looked like.

We decided for this table setting to use our Marble Table setting. The marbled in combination with the colors of the Aqua and Gold compliments each other well.

In regard to Centerpieces we decided to create bridge-style florals with coral pieces and gold driftwood at the base of the florals to bring in those pops of color and under the sea feels.

All in all, we’d like to think that if Ariel were to see this she would be pleased.

What are your thoughts?



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Life is The Bubbles!

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