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If there’s two times of year we all enjoy here at the office is Homecoming and Prom season. 

Not only is it some of the busiest and craziest time for us and we enjoy the hustle-bustle of it all…. but because of the requests and ideas we get asked for. 

With every coming school year we encounter more and more themes and ideas that the students have come up with.. and none of them fall short of creativeness. 

We’ve seen things from a snowfall welcome into a winter wonderland to diving under the sea and seeing hanging jellyfish come to life over them. 

Over the years we’ve had themes such as Yule Ball, Sweet As a Cowboy, Gotham City as well as your common themes like Alice in Wonderland and Paris. 

What we enjoy though, is the task of having to make EACH and EVERY ONE of those proms as unique and as special as possible to that pertaining school year. You never know if possibly some of the students that are attending one prom could possibly be attending another and with that we always want to keep them guessing and on their toes. 

But where do the ideas come from? 

Some of the students pull ideas from modern day events, like the annual Met Gala, The Oscars, The Grammy’s or the BBMA’s even. Other get their ideas from TV shows and Movies like Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, Once Upon A Time and etc. 

We always like to encourage our students to think out of the box, it can be very simple to use the same event themes that one easily recognizes but it can be amazing and fun to see what can also be created when 4-6-9 minds come together and brainstorm. 

From feathered arrangements, floral arrangements, candy-filled arrangements, and even sports equipment…one thing is for certain… we surely haven’t seen it all and we hope that’s the case for some time.


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Homecoming of Ideas

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