How much time is TOO MUCH Time?


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Here at Fantasy Designers we often get the question – How much time is too much time?

To better break it down – when is it a good time to start planning my wedding and putting down deposits.

In the event industry however, there are two main differences which are PLANNING and MOVING FORWARD. Each one has it’s suggested amount of time and each one is based on case by case basis and to each their own.

Let’s see below!


Theoretically speaking – it’s never really too EARLY to start planning. Most mom’s think of thei9r daughters Quinces since the moment they’re welcomed into the world and most 5yr old girls think of their fairytale wedding and what it’ll entail. From the cathedral like veil to the color of peonies she’ll be greeted with at the aisle, there are just some things you can’t really help but think and imagine…. those late nights where you find it hard to sleep Pinterest and google can definitely lead you down the rabbit-hole don’t help very much as well.

However, when you’re finally coming down to the wire, we usually suggest 2 years prior to your supposed event is a good time to start planning and putting together the overall idea.

The location, the color scheme, the theme (if it applies), the venue, and all those details.

Discussing the items such as guests, budget, what extra’s you’d like to see is also a good thing to discuss to try and overall put something together.

For the moms planning Quinces, look into the details that are part of an average quinces. The court dance, the shoe exchange, the formalities and those things. That will help define the other details you might be stuck on as well.

During this time most vendors you may reach out to might not be able to exactly offer you any pricing. Being that it is over 24 months away there are a lot of factors that could affect the price from the time of you inquiring to the time you are both able and ready to give a deposit.

Other Vendors sometimes need the other essential details to move forward with providing you a proposal. For example; a DJ may need to know the venue size and specs to be able to know what they’ll need exactly to make sure that the sound travels accurately. Or a Designer may need to know the venue to be able to quote you with draping or lighting because those prices are usually dependent on room specs. Don’t be surprised if you receive a response that at the time, they’re not able to provide that.

Moving Forward

Keep in mind – most venues, vendors, florists and etc. usually don’t accept deposits or anything of the sort any sooner than 18 months to 12 months in advance. This is both offered as protection for you, and a protection for the vendor itself.

Many things can change in a span of a year, vendors can go out of business, unexpected damages can befall the venue, prices may have to be adjusted due to circumstance and etc. as well as other details. So, the usual time frame is that window more or less.

This time is not to be considered as the same time as planning.  This is the time that you start making your deposits, securing your date, selecting your vendors and slowly putting together all those weeks of planning into the overall ideal event.

Start by contacting your first-choice venue first. Make sure the date is available and lock that in before it’s taken away. From there everything else should fall into place slowly and surely.

And of course – If you’re ever find yourself needing assistance or feeling overwhelmed… don’t hesitate to contact one of the many amazing Sales Reps here at Fantasy Designers!

We will make sure to point you in the right direction.

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