Is it ever too early?


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The answer is NO! believe it or not, a lot of venues get booked ahead of time as well as vendors. In my opinion I think it is best to start planning way ahead of time. This way you already know how much your event will cost you and you can plan accordingly to how much you’ll be saving a month & so on. Instead of booking your vendor a month or two away from you event and having to scramble to make ends meet. Another really good thing about planning early is that you have more time to look at several options and really get into designing your event. Trends are popping up on the daily, there might be something you were really set on but now you’re seeing this new trend and you love everything about it. This wouldn’t be an issue if you still have time. When you’re on a time clock, most people often tend to settle and go with the first person who gets back to them or the most affordable (which at times, might not be the best quality). I’ve had several clients who have felt embarrassed telling me that they are planning an event that is about 2 years away. You should never feel embarrassed for going out to do something that you really want to and will mean a lot to you.  You do you & have fun doing so!


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Is it ever too early?

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