It’s a Good Day for A White Wedding…


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White is often used as a wedding accent color, not usually the lead color, but we’re here to show you just how stunning it looks when used as the leading hue in your palette. No matter your style, whether it’s bohemian, classic, glamorous, romantic, modern, or something in between, white wedding decor can help you create a space that’s fresh, fashionable, and uplifting on the big day. White is also a go-to color for celebrity weddings – hello Kim and Kanye we’re looking at you!

Not to get too scientific here, but your wedding is ultimately the sum of a lot of variables that you get to choose. At the end of the day, this is what makes or breaks the décor aesthetic of your most special day. If you are getting married in a barn with a rustic vibe, you can use white lace details and all white lush blooms to enhance the vintage charm. Or if you want a more contemporary look and feel you can wed in a white loft with white modern furniture, a square or rectangular-shaped white wedding cake and even an all-white dance floor.

The biggest challenge in designing an all-white wedding is to make sure you don’t end up with a flat, washed-out décor where everything looks the same. The solution to that? Play with texture. Using any monochromatic color palette can create that things that play with your guests, things the can touch, things they can see – glitter, sequins, faux fur, lace can all bring in that texture and depth.

Of course, florals bring in a MAJOR role in creating an ambiance at a wedding sop it’s essentially a huge decision that needs to be made. Good news when planning a white wedding? There’s PLENTY of options and looks you have to choose from.

Would you go for an all-white wedding? If so, what details would you bring in to make it stand out and not down out?

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It’s a Good Day for A White Wedding…

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