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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who’s the newlyweds of them all?
Although this post isn’t actually referring to Snow White, it is referring to our lovely mirrored stage called the Robinson! (if we custom make a stage for you, it’s most likely that it will be named after you!) Sometimes weddings have themes & sometimes they have color schemes. This is one of our most requested stages for weddings! It’s a mirrored canvas if you may say.. (relating to a blank canvas.. haha.. I tried). Everything about the stage is white & mirrored so just by changing the uplighting color, it changes the entire vibe. Thus why it’s so great for weddings ! This particular wedding had a silver, white and purple color scheme which was to die for! Just take a look at the tables! I LOVE LOVE LOVE what we did with our mirrored elevation boxes to give the crystal candelabras some height and more space to place smaller floral arrangements without losing them in the table. The best part of the mirror is that it reflects any light it receives, so the lights of the candelabra, the shimmering of the silver sequin table & the uplighting. Aside from the uplighting, we also had some gobos which in my opinion really balanced out the purple uplighting. It gave the room a nice romantic ambiance rather than just all purple. This wedding also including the hot trend of royal tables where they closest loved ones sat which had bridge arrangements on top of cylinder vases to give it the illusion of the florals levitating. Every detail of this event just went so nicely together! Most definitely a 10/10 !


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Mirror, Mirror..

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