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Our time is coming ! We are slowly moving towards the roaring 20’s !!! Soon it will be the year 2020 and we are going to be partying it up Gatsby style. You might not know it, but it’s going to be a thing. Thus, bringing me to this blog post. We have been helping people party like the roaring 20’s for a while now and let me tell you that no one is ever going to  give up the opportunity to dress like they did. Especially after watching the latest Great Gatsby movie! All the guys are going to be showing up in those nice suit pants with button ups and suspenders meanwhiles the girls will be looking like the best flappers the world has to offer! Theres a few things you need to make sure you pull off a Gatsby party and its the following!

First and foremost, you’ve got to use the Gold, White and Black color scheme! Use it to start decorating your venue. We suggest a beautiful entrance for your guests to arrive at. Use our Golden gate along with grass wall hedges to make it seem like they are arriving at a beautiful mansion ( it would also give the event an exclusive private feeling ).  Have your guests walk up on a black carpet to the entrance which is decorated with our golden statues that hold up chandeliers & our white marbled columns. One you’ve entered the room you will see an array of feathered and pearled arrangements. Nothing screams Gatsby like feathers and pearls ! Add draping and lighting to the venue and it will complete the Gatsby look with one of our stages and amazing roaring 20’s soundtrack! Looking to make it very legit? we could even decorate the main entrance to look like a regular location and have your guests say a special word to have them enter a speak-easy ! Have the bartenders dress like those we have seen in the movies and hire someone to take the guests coats like they used to ! Us humans love everything about experiences. If you’re putting so much into an event, might as well as make it into an experience rather than just a party!


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