Ooh La La, Mademoiselle!



                                                                  “Paris is always a good idea.” ― Audrey Hepburn.
Whether you are celebrating a birthday, wedding, corporate or any event at all.. Like the amazing Audrey Hepburn said,  “Paris is always a good idea”. Theres so much to love about Paris! You have the most amazing streets filled with little bistros with bistro lighting, Elegant city street lamps, Grass hedges & beautiful gardens & of course the amazing buildings like the Tower Eiffel & Arch of Triumph! Here at Fantasy we have been able to recreate the beauty that comes with Paris (: For this particular event, we were providing Paris decor for FIU’s Homecoming Dance! However, this wasn’t just any Night in Paris, they wanted to have the room filled with bright colors to bring it to life so we did exactly that! Vibrant colors left & right that complimented each other so nicely & made you want to dance the night away. The Entrance of the cocktail area was decorated like the Paris streets for an amazing photo app. moment followed by a walk in photo booth!  Guests had a blast taking photos and interacting with our props before the doors opening. Moments like these are the ones we strive for, we want events to be an experience rather than just a party to attend.


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Ooh La La, Mademoiselle!

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