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To some the very word might be terrifying. To others it’s a door to a daydream.

And that’s exactly how it was for this particular couple.

When I first met the Future Mrs., she was very clear from the start on the vision she had and the look she was looking to accomplish. This was a day she had daydreamed since she was little, white florals, blush tones and a charming man at her side to complete it. And that’s exactly how she envisioned for us to make it. She was wanting a champagne and blush wedding but wanted to make sure it kept out of it either being too rustic style or too modern.

This year as well as last’s we noticed the popularity both Blush Toned and Amber Toned weddings were getting, each either their own style attached. Blush’s were considered more of a rustic, woodsy feel that you could tone with lush greens and softs whites such as Baby’s Breath whereas the Gold’s were interpreted more as a Regal High Class look, complete with high glass or gold centerpieces and damask prints to accent.

Either way, we knew we had to make both elements blend and mesh together without a clash.

We decided for this particular wedding to incorporate the help of one of our most treasured stages “Aileen”. With her sleek white walls and her mirrored panels accompanied with filigrees made of mirror and a gorgeous floral white wall to finish, we felt like it was just enough of both worlds to bring in and place front and center.

On the tables one would find a combination of a Satin Blush linen with our Amelia Overlay on top. The centerpieces were adorned with blush and ivory roses and accompanied by just the most subtle hint of baby’s breath to tie it all in.

Amber Lighting filled the room and once the lights dimmed guests were greeted with a GOBO sign of the couple Initials.

We love getting to be a part of our client’s special days, especially their wedding days.

We wish the beautiful couple a lifetime of love & happiness!


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Pieces of My Love

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