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To Court or Not To Court.. That is the question?

The tradition of a Quinceanera having a court of honor is as old as time itself.

For many generations, it has been a tradition that the young lady turning 15 is to choose 14 young ladies which are known as her “Damas” and 14 gentlemen known as “Chambelanes” to become her court of honor. Then in addition to an escort for the quinceañera herself, with each couple representing a year of the girl’s life. However, for simplicity’s sake, some people choose to halve this. Some families opt for seven girls and seven boys, while others have a court of just 14 damas or just 14 chambelanes.



The Quinceañera will typically ask friends and family members to make up her court. Like a wedding party, the girls will be expected to wear matching gowns, and the men will be asked to wear tuxes. So, etiquette experts recommend that a Quinceañera fully prepare her court for what it will involve. When she asks someone to join her court, she should let him or her know what to expect when purchasing or renting a gown or tuxedo. Also, the court should be prepared for a special dance during the celebration.

According to custom, a Quinceañera’s first dance is with her father. It's usually to a song of the father’s choosing that has a certain significance to them. Traditionally, it also represents a girl’s first public dance. Afterward, the father can hand the Quinceañera over to her escort.

One of the most popular Quinceañera traditions is the waltz, an elegant, choreographed dance performed by the birthday girl and her court. If this is also the first dance of the celebration, the Quinceañera will take her father as her partner. It can often take months of planning and several rehearsals to prepare a court for the choreographed dance. And some families choose to hire a professional dance choreographer to guide the party.


Now the question we are asked always is – “Do I need to have a court?”

Or “Does my court have be of 30 people?”


The answer to both questions is that it is to be the choice of the Quinceanera.

Nowadays we have noticed that most young ladies are differing from the norm traditions and expanding to things of a unique matter. Like having a court of just girlfriends and performing dance numbers or having smaller courts and performing numbers such as hip-hop routines or similar.


Now, sometimes we do find that the idea of having to deal with the hustle and bustle and all that isn’t something every girl wants. And even if the Quincenera doesn’t choose to have an official court of honor it doesn’t mean she can’t have a special table or area where she can enjoy with her close friends and even close family members. We always suggest having an area of the room where one can put the tables and decorate them differently to the rest of the tales to signify their importance and difference from the rest of the tables.

To Court or Not To Court ... That is the question?
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