Rose Garden – Trump National Doral

We often get asked here at Fantasy Designers “What is the craziest thing you guys have done?” or “What is the craziest stage you’ve made?”. We never really know how to answer that because here at Fantasy, we are always trying to come up with another wild idea, a crazy new prop, and something utterly unique that will set us apart for other traditional Quince companies.


When our special mom came in for Danaisa’s Quinces, she had one “easy” bold request for her daughter’s stage. She didn’t care if it was 20ft wide or 50, she didn’t care for a overly large backdrop or a crazy amount of in’s and out, no no, she just wanted that at the right moment, at the right tune, her daughter be presented like the beautiful stunning flower she is… and quite literally come OUT of a flower.


Yes, a flower that would open up and reveal her daughter to be standing inside in the middle of it. Simple right? Not as you would think….. but is it possible? For us? ALWAYS!


If you don’t believe us, check it out for yourself down below in some of these special photos shared with us by the fantastic Leo at Leo Photography!

When it came to the rest the event Ms. Fuentes wanted to steer on more on the simplistic side in terms of room décor, but when it came to the tables and florals – florals were a MUST. Large florals, small florals, hanging florals, cascading florals, as many petals as possible to make sure that the vision of a Garden came through. At the center of the room stood a 12ft Cherry Blossom tree that at the base was surround with a custom court table that was adorned with a cascade of florals to greet guests as they walked in. The tables stood all tall with alternating arrangements of both Acrylic Candelabras and Glass Vases that had their own florals of blush tone roses, white phalaenopsis orchids, and other light toned florals. The acrylic and glass pieces were a nice modern touch to the overall theme of the event and break up a little bit of the green going around everywhere!


We love Garden theme events and we especially love when clients go for florals, florlas and OVER THE TOP florals. It’s always such a beautiful awe-stunning touch to any event, both Quinces and Weddings alike.


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Rose Garden – Trump National Doral

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