She Danced all Night and All the Way Home….


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Why does it need to be a big occasion or a momentous event for one to consider doing event decor or florals? 

What about the fact that you finally got that big job promotion you’ve been working endlessly for? 
Maybe you finally got that bachelor’s degree that caused the many Starbucks runs and scattered pencils and paper in you car? 
Or even simpler – your Birthday. You’re another year older and you’re here with your loved ones another year to celebrate and enjoy. 

Everyday we are encountered with moments and successes that we seem to let pass or barely recognize. But moments just as precious as a wedding, quinces, or even charity events like baby showers, birthdays and more should be recognized. And buy recognizing those moment you don’t necessarily have to throw a big shin-dig. Everyday we get asked here by clients “Is it silly that I am doing a 50th Birthday Party?” or ” Should I even consider having a event to celebrate —–” 

The answer is always – Yes! Life is too short not to take time to enjoy those little things and each accomplishment merits a celebration. 

For this brunch we decided to keep it classy. This particular event was held at a restaurant in Brickell in one of their private space. It’s easier sometimes to grab an idea for a smaller crowd or a more intimate space since there’s a lesser need to fill the area and make sure everything goes well. 

By adding a few lower arrangements, some fun flared colors, and keeping it modern and clean you can give both yourself and your guests a festive feel without having to do TOO much. 

Here we combined the beautiful tones of fuchsias and blush’s along with the striking black and whites of our linens. We added Mirror charges to add that modern touch and completed the looks with a matching napkin and rhinestone brooch. 

Are you celebrating any big events this year? If yes, are you planning to do anything for them?


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She Danced all Night and All the Way Home….

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