So Many Places.. So Little Time!


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You’ve set a date for your event and now you are on the search for a venue. You want to make sure you don’t go over your budget so you start thinking small & start visiting banquet halls. Don’t get me wrong! Banquet halls are good venues too; They usually include a lot of the items you would need for an event so it’s a really nice one stop shop. 

The tricky part is once you want to start adding decor such as staging and props. The only downside to banquet halls is that the majority of them have regular to low height ceiling and their stage is already preset. This limits what you can put in your venue and how much you can decorate it. When people think of hotels they immediately think that its going to be WAY over their budget because of the name brand of the property. This is actually not true at all. We have had several clients who have came in to meet with us who have only been thinking about banquet halls, who end up meeting with the hotels we recommend and they book! There’s many pros to hosting an event at a hotel! Not only do you have a wider range of decor you can put into the ballrooms, but you also get amazing food, bar, better views, better location & the majority of the times, the hotels offers you a comp. room to get ready for the event (this is perfect because you can have the hair and makeup to come to you!) ! They might also offer you upgrades if you do book a night with them & this is super beneficial to those family members that might be flying in and maybe even locals that would like to enjoy a staycation. Remember, Never judge a book by its cover.. so never judge a property by its brand!


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So Many Places.. So Little Time!

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