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Stage or Not a Stage?



The question that I alongside everyone else here at Fantasy Designers gets on if not daily, weekly basis.

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “need” as verb to “require something because it is essential or very important. The truth of the matter is that we all find different things to be a necessity or requirement. The same is to be said when it comes to the different décor aspects and details of a Quinces.

The answer won’t come to a surprise to whom may be reading this but if we must provide one… we would have to answer that Yes…. Stages are a very important part of a Quinces.

Why?  Here’s a few answers as to why we believe this.

1: Stages help create and settle the theme. By having a stage, it helps the theme of the entire Quinceanera come together. Usually, we’ve noticed that most young ladies and their moms sometimes don’t know exactly what their theme might be, they have a few ideas and maybe photos, but everything seems to come into place once they’ve pictured their entrance and see the stages and their details.

2: Stages don’t serve as just an entrance piece and no more. They are the backdrop to your event for the entire event. Since most of the themes come from the stage itself, it makes sense that most of your photos, momentous events, and choreography’s will take place in front of it, meaning that most of the photos you will take will also be in front of it as well.

When looking back at videos and photos, you will come to see how significant of a part it played to have a stage as one of your décor elements. Which leads to my next reason….

3: Stages not only play a huge part in photos and entrances; they also play a huge part in filling spaces and creating dimension in your room. When looking at ballrooms, hotels or venue spaces sometimes the mind can wander in all the possibilities and options one might have with what to do with all the empty space. And usually, unless you’re having over 300 guests those rooms can look quite bare, mostly wedding-ish which is not the idea for a party being thrown for a young lady. By having a stage décor you’re also embracing that it’s not an evening party or a wedding (even though similar in extravaganza) but what it is – a very lavish birthday party fit for a princess of 15.

All in all, if you haven’t considered having a stage, we truly do recommend it. You’ll see that once the event has passed and everything is through, you’ll realize how beneficial it really was.


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Stage or Not a Stage?

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