Summer Weddings – To “I Do” or “Don’t”


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Things in the event industry have really been stirred up the last couple of weeks. With the current state of things, most clients are having to find themselves switching their current Gala’s, Quinces and even wedding dates to later dates in the near future. Unfortunately, that means having to wait even LONGER than what you had anticipated for already, and most clients are just not ready to do that. With many factors on the line, they’re looking to get it done sooner than later. 

So, the important question arises to us vendors – When SHOULD I move my date to?

The answer is – There is no right answer. But is a Summer Event even a good idea?

It’s not an impossible one and not a bad idea either. With thought out planning, considered factors and a little creativity of course – you can definitely pull off a Summer Event and make it just as memorable as the original concept. 

Here are some things to consider – 

Number 1: If possible, TRY not to have your event outdoors fully. 

This goes without saying, Summer is hot. And Summer in Miami is even Hotter.

If your initial idea was to have an outdoor Ceremony but indoor reception you can still go ahead and move forward with that. However, if you were planning on doing it all outside you might want to reconsider. Unless your plan is to have a large tent WITH air-conditioning included it’s basically one big hotbox for your guests and for yourself. Here in Florida even the nighttime can be hot because of a little thing we have called HUMIDITY. Tents trap humidity and hot air in and it can make 4 hours seem dreadful instead of eventful. Splitting between two venues can help both in budget and in comfortability. 

Number 2: Always have a Plan B

This is probably the most important component of all—what will you do in case it rains? What do you do if there’s a Hurricane on the horizon? It’s already hard to predict the weather when you’re setting the date on average about a year in advance, so it is imperative to have a backup location in case of bad weather. Especially if you’re planning to move it to a “Rainy” Month. 

You could use a large outdoor tent if there’s only mild rain, but if it’s anything more severe than that you’ll need to move the ceremony someplace inside altogether; since most people have their reception indoors you could move some chairs around to convert the reception space into the ceremony location during a weather emergency.

Number 3: Think of the Décor – From the Flowers to the Linens

If you’ve ever been given flowers, have flowers outside your home, or just been around them you know they can be sensitive. If you’re planning to have your event outside, or if it was originally planned for that consider the decorative aspects of it. The wrong type of florals can wilt if they are exposed to long periods of time in direct sunlight. When planning try to think of florals that can handle that and still remain intact. If not consider lanterns or other decorations that are beautiful but much less expensive and hold up better in the sun.

If the sun is out, chairs (especially metal ones) can heat up in a hurry. So don’t forget to bring chair cushions or chair covers for your guests so they don’t burn themselves when sitting down

All in all – there is never a wrong or right answer as to when to have an event. 

But always make sure to trust in your vendors when they’re referring certain things to your or recommending certain things. It’s always all in good intentions and to make sure that in the end you are more than happy with the final result! 

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Summer Weddings – To “I Do” or “Don’t”

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