Tale As Old As Time.



   Tale as Old as Time.

Something about Disney makes a person feel young again.

They also make one feel like the impossible is possible, like being a Pirate and defending the high seas or even becoming a princess and getting to attend a ball or go home to a castle.

As a young child one dreams of maybe just maybe getting to live out those fantasies, and a trip to Disney usually accomplishes that.

But what happens when one grows older?  When dressing up as Pirate isn’t really the norm (at least not if it’s Halloween of course). Or for example a young lady wanting to become a Princess and feel royal? Well that’s exactly how Savina wanted to feel on her 15th Birthday. She wanted to be Regal and Poised and wanted the guests to feel like they had stepped into a very special movie – Beauty and The Beast.

Since 2015 Disney has taken it upon themselves to re-create some of their most timeless classics and reimagine them into the new world with modern day sets, live actors, and CGI.

By doing this they have been able to reignite the flame of many of our young girls and Savina was no different. From seeing the Live Action Beauty and The Beast she knew immediately what she wanted to relive the movie through her event and that she wanted to be the Belle of the ball.

With Be Our Guest napkins detailing the tables and red rose arrangement hanging about, it was definitely storybook – like. A hedge wall adorned with a letter “S” stood in the corner wall with a assortment of delicacies and sweets in front. Angelic Statues and Baroque pieces filled the walls of our stage and Savina came out center stage dawning a beautiful red gown made for a princess.

The family and guests danced the night away and all was finished with a spectacular birthday song and cake cutting.

If you could have a Disney Themed event, what theme or movie would you choose?


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Tale As Old As Time.

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