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The Last Queen of Egypt



High sand dunes, tall pyramids and ancient history that traces back centuries.

Of course, your first thought would be probably vacation to Egypt.

But here at Fantasy Designers we take far-away places and bring them to you.

Around this time last year, we were contacted by one of our amazing event planners who said that she had a client that was interested in one very particular theme and style, something she hadn’t seen by looking at our page and through our albums… Egyptian Nights.

We immediately jumped at the idea of being able to firstly create something brand new, which we always enjoy doing! But also, the fact to create history and bring in all those details and pieces that make Egypt and its history so fascinating.

When creating the stage, we wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t look weathered and old the way that most Egyptian artifacts and locations are, we wanted to take reference from the classic movies and artwork and make something that would’ve been seen in the day.

As it normally starts when making new stages, we usually sit down first with the client and try to see what of their theme they are trying to embody most of. What elements are they trying to bring in and what did the imagine their entrance to be like.

We had some elements from previous events, but the project was mostly a start from zero type.

From a sketch, to a full-scale drawing to the cutting and building of the pieces together we slowly saw everything come together

sweet sixteen decorations

The day of Erin’s Sweet Sixteen finally dawned upon us. It was a rainy South Florida afternoon (what a surprise) when we got to work. Slowly together and piece by piece we saw the once blank venue space come alive. Hieroglyphics that we had created via GOBO’s shown on the wall while tables were decorated with tall vases held Ostrich and White Peacock feathered arrangements. Tables were draped with beautiful black satin/gold overlay over and up-lighting illuminated the room.

stage decor for egpytian theme

The stage itself came to life at the switch of a light, hidden symbols and designs were to be revealed only via the use of black light. Flamed Torches were burning and 9ft. Statues stood tall in their places.

And then with a smoky entrance and a sliding door entrance the gorgeous Sweet Sixteen Queen stepped out to greet her guests.

We always love when we are challenged here at Fantasy, whether it is creating a new stage or even a new theme. If you could have any theme come to life, what would it be?


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The Last Queen of Egypt

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