Tiffany? NO …its Jackie & Co

Last August we produced many events in one particular weekend. One of which was this amazing Quinceanera Party at the JW Marriott at Brickell in Miami Florida. The party was a hit and this family was ecstatic about the results and best of all Jackie had an amazing time. 
I was bouncing from one event setup to another. At 4pm I showed up and saw everything completed. The party was the talk of the hotel. Everyone kept coming in to see the decor which is always an honer. I was able to get some great photos and video with an associate of mine. 
Color Scheme:
The party being Tiffany style, Tiffany blue was a must. Silver was the complementary metallic color, and white as a base.
Centerpieces: (2 Main Styles)
  1. Here we went with Feathers which are a great compliment for the Tiffany Theme. We Used the black vases so they can match our black candelabras. We also incorporated pearls hanging from the centerpieces and elevated by our mirror elevation boxes.
  2. The Black candelabras we added a wrap of natural flowers around the stem of the candelabra. Elevated on our mirror elevation boxes and LED candles to make sure the are beautiful but safe.
  3. The Royal Table has a huge floral in the center elevated by stacked boxes. The arrangement consisted of white hydrangeas roses and white orchids. I was a show stop and a perfect middle of the room position guaranteed everyone saw it. 
Royal Table:
We used our Royal donut table and had a custom arrangement for the center of the table. 
Our Classic Tiffany Stage with a custom flower wall in the center with her initial. With Two white feather arrangements in the center.
We enjoyed this event, not only did it come out very clean but the flow of the room was perfect. It wasn’t tight or too spacious. The entrance was opposite the stage and the stage was 50 feet wide by 14 feet tall crteating an amazing wow factor when you walked into the ballroom. 
The Seating chart was a hit. We made a video seating chart with the diamond bouncing around the screen while guest can see where they were seated. It created an awesome unexpected first impression.

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Tiffany? NO …its Jackie & Co

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