To Be or Not To Be… Draped?


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You’re planning your event & you’ve chosen your venue. Now you find yourself being asked if you would like the option of draping the room and you’re not sure… Is it important? Is it something that can make a drastic change to your event? 
Welcome to Draping 101 ! To answer these 2 questions, Yes.. it could be important depending on your venue and theme! If your venue has neutral white/white-ish walls then you can get away with not having to drape the room. If they aren’t a neutral color but still match your theme then you’re solid! A little bit of up lighting can fix that all up! However, if your venue has some deep tones that don’t match your decor and has a variety of designs.. then I would HIGHLY recommend draping. For an example, imagine you are planning a Winter Wonderland party. The first thing you think of when you think of this theme is snow & the color white! When we provide draping, we create a white canvas that will completely absorb any color of up lighting and can reflect snowflake gobos beautifully. Don’t get me wrong, this could still be done on a venue wall, it just won’t be the same atmosphere. At the end of day its really up to your judgement.


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To Be or Not To Be… Draped?

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