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Your wedding deserves to be everything you imagined and more. So don’t settle for generic decorations or lackluster details. When you choose Fantasy Designers, we make it our goal to give you the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, whether that’s a simple and romantic, themed, or big and flashy. We go above and beyond for each wedding we do.

If you want wedding decorations that will take your wedding to the next level, call us today.

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Michelle Reese
Michelle Reese
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Luis and his team made all my dreams come true! I not only utilized their talents to put on one of the most talked about charity balls in Miami that ended up being featured by Miami Magazine, but I entrusted him again with my wedding. To say my expectations were met is an understatement. As someone who does marketing and events for a living, I am extremely particular, and Luis made sure every i was dotted and t was crossed. The flowers they constructed were out of this world. Even men noticed the decor at my wedding and were instagramming the flowers.(have you ever heard of that ha!) The country club has already said it was the most beautiful wedding they have seen, and requested photos! The entire evening was magical. A huge thank you to Luis, and the rest of the team for making my wedding dreams come true!

Our Style....

            No wedding is complete without the decorations that tie all the details together. That’s why we specialize in providing one-of-a-kind weddings that will make your day even more memorable. You can rely on us to recreate your vision as precisely as possible. When you entrust us with your wedding décor, we’ll take care of:

Decorations: The details of your wedding create an atmosphere that drives the whole event. Simply choose what you want and let us take care of the rest. We can create extravagant centerpieces, subtle drapery, or romantic floral arrangements.

Table settings: From the linen to the menu, we ensure that every aspect of your tables matches your desired theme and leaves each guest feeling impressed.

We work with you or your wedding planner to make the planning as easy as possible. Leave the decorating to us, and enjoy your big day.  

Why are we the best choice?

Our unique weddings are memorable and breathtaking. And we can cater to any theme or design dream you have. Not only are we creative designers and decorators, but we also have the experience that allows us to bring your dream wedding to life.

Whether you want special lighting, unique centerpieces, or eye-catching stage décor, leave the details to our expert decorators. 

Give us a call today at (305)823-1215

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