Welcome to the Jungle!



If you just read the title of this post and sang it in your head, then I apologize for getting that song stuck in your head. However I’m not sorry for sharing the beauty of our jungle stages! If you’ve ever met me then you know how I love greenery and trees! (although I prefer the air conditioning rather than the Miami humidity & heat.) These stages are amazing and they are a really big eye catcher. You’re drawn in because there’s so much going on but it all flows together beautifully and you get to admire the stage little by little before doing so as a whole. Perfect for the upcoming trend of “enchanted forest” themes, this stage sets the vibe and energy for the night. Just a few tweaks here and there to make it “enchanted” such as adding some fairy lights, crystal orbs hanging from the banyan trees with tea lights, pastel floral and vines intertwining throughout the stage, up lighting to make aspects of the stage pop out and of course, using dry ice for the main entrance of the person being celebrated! The dry ice is amazing because it doesn’t have any fumes like the smoke machine and it stays low on the ground. So as you open your golden gate or rise up from the floor with our elevator, it sets a beautiful enchanted feeling to it.  As for the centerpieces you can compliment the theme with beautiful miniature trees (about 4 ft tall) on the tables decorated with moss at the base and orchids intertwined on the branches and fairy lights bringing life to them, or even some willow arrangements!


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Welcome to the Jungle!

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