What about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?



Tiffany’s. Timeless and Classic.
Elegant and Beautiful and that’s probably ever bit of word I can use to explain this particular client’s theme and style. When I first met Ileana and her gorgeous Daughter Christy, the vision they had was very clear – they wanted to embrace that “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” / Audrey Hepburn style.

Sitting down at my desk I slowly started skimming through photos, showing some ideas and inspiration, and talking about the look they wanted to bring when it suddenly dawned on me that we had just the look. I quickly jumped to the photo I knew would be perfect and in a crystal sec our girls knew – it was perfect!

From the well-detail and style of the walls and colors, our gorgeous Tiffany stay stood with hanging Crystal Chandeliers and Crystal Hanging-Exits with her grand Acrylic Stairs all finished with a Grand Initial at the center. Completed with Tiffany-Blue Lighting and White Feathered Arrangements our stage had come alive on my screen – literally. As we’re skimming through the photo, we come across one with our young lady getting ready to make her big entrance…. Beyoncé Style. Upon the release of our cloud-like effect, the Quinceanera was getting ready to make her debut via an elevator. When her name was to be announced she would be lifted from the bottom to the top of the staircase and follow the steps down to the dance floor.

And that’s exactly how it happened for Christy. Just like Beyoncé, our young lady rose slowly to the tune of “Halo” and walked down the steps a total angel. Her room engulfing her in a sea of Tiffany Blue’s atop of White Draping around the ballroom. At the back of the room a 6ft Long- “Christy and CO.” embellished her wall a top of a Beautiful White Throne Chair and Silver Sequined tables.

            Her tables in a sea of silver sequins, crystals and tiffany-blue accents, her souvenirs became as precious as diamonds in a store window.

At the entrance of her cocktail Guests were greeted with a Beautiful White Gazebo with Hanging Crystals, White Floral Arrangements and Orchids. Complete with a White Welcome runner – as Beverly Hills you can get!

At the end of the night, seeing the beauty of not only what we had done but what our partner vendors did as well, we think we did honor to the style. And we hope Audrey would be as proud us we were.

Thank you, Ileana, for trusting us since Day one, were so happy that we made both your illusions and Christy’s a reality. We hope Christy dances through her year!


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What about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

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