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Winter is Coming..



Dazzle your guests with your own Winter Wonderland! Complete with an entrance, ice sculpture, Lounge area, an array of different winter themed centerpieces, a master piano and TWO stages; This Winter Wonderland was certainly one for the books. Planned and organized by Luis Molina, he made sure that every aspect of the night was taken care of and had a winter atmosphere. What I love about this event is the fact that they had not one.. not two.. but THREE different type of centerpieces. With the amount of people invited to this event, it was a perfect idea. Having different centerpieces in a large event helps add variety to the room and it plays with your eyes making the room look a lot larger than it is. It could also help with your budget! An arrangement that has flowers is always going to be a bit more than an arrangement that has something such as willows or a manzanita tree. (TIP: Instead of putting florals on every table, mix it up a bit and you’ll benefit because you save a little bit more that you could put into another aspect of the party and it would actually look like you spent more than you did since you have a variety of centerpieces.) Something we often do as well is play around with the linens. For example, If you went with a low arrangement or a non floral arrangement, go ahead and change the linen on that table to make it pop!


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Winter is Coming..

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